Having a conversation with Father Peter Namwong


We warmly invite you to follow a conversation between Father Peter Namwong and VOICE’s Executive Director Hoi Trinh. Father Peter Namwong is the benefactor of thousands of Vietnamese boat people in Thailand. He entered the seminary when he was 10 years old and was ordained a priest in 1972 when he was just 29 years old.

He started to work in refugee camps in 1976. It can be said that Father Namwong has helped Vietnamese refugees the most in Southeast Asia. He currently still work with refugees.

He contacted VOICE in 2006 and notified VOICE that there were still Vietnamese boat people in Thailand. After 12 years, VOICE and Father Namwong are still trying to help these people who require resettlement as well as those newly arrived seeking asylum.

Mr. Hoi Trinh said: “I am really satisfied in my current job at VOICE, for the simple fact that I have the opportunity to work with those with hearts like that of Father (Namwong) for the past 12 years.”