Update on VOICE’s Refugee Program


Update on VOICE’s Refugee Program

17 July 2019

Further to VOICE’s & VOICE Canada’s Notice dated 9 September 2018 regarding our current refugee program and in light of recent changes within Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) making it more difficult to file private sponsorship applications successfully, VOICE wishes to confirm the following:

1. To date, 17 applications have been filed with the first case of Activist Bach, Hong Quyen & family (5 individuals) being successfully filed, processed, and resettled in Toronto on 3 May 2019. As such, 45 individuals remain to be assisted by VOICE and VOICE Canada for eventual resettlement in Canada should their applications be approved and processed.

2. It was the abduction of Blogger Truong, Duy Nhat in Bangkok in January 2019 that prompted the expedited processing of Mr Bach’s application. Both VOICE and VOICE Canada worked in tandem with IRCC and other governments including the UNHCR to ensure the safe passage of Mr Bach and his family. All three of his children are under the age of seven.

3. VOICE and VOICE Canada have been raising funds within our own networks and beyond to help with our refugee resettlement program as described above. For specific costs, please refer again to the below link and Sponsorship Cost Table published by IRCC: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-sponsor-refugee-groups-five.html#costtables

4. VOICE does not currently have any other programs to assist other Vietnamese refugees and asylumseekers in Thailand believed to be over 1000 individuals whose legal, financial, and resettlement needs are not met nor addressed systematically by any organization.

5. From time to time, some individuals and supporters within VOICE network decide to help certain Vietnamese refugees in need. It is their choice and we encourage them to continue doing so.

6. Given the enormous needs unmet however, we appeal to all Vietnamese and organizations worldwide to join us in alleviating the suffering of the remaining Vietnamese refugees in Thailand. By the same token, we ask that as much accurate information is made available as possible including this Update and Notice of 9 September 2018 so that misunderstanding and ill-informed rumors can be minimized.

It is hoped that once the remaining 16 cases and 3 more new cases are processed for resettlement in Canada which is expected to take between two to three years to finalize, VOICE and VOICE Canada will continue to assist human rights defenders at risk on a case by case basis. For further queries, please email us at [email protected].

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