Closure of VOICE’s Civil Society Program


Closure of VOICE’s Civil Society Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last October 2020, VOICE had to temporarily suspend our training program while hoping that it will be reactivated once the situation improves.

Unfortunately, the pandemic not only couldn’t be contained but is in fact getting worse especially in the Philippines where we hold our training program annually.

Given the pandemic’s unexpected turns with grave consequences for all and to ensure safety for both participants and organizers as well as other related parties, we have thus decided to suspend VOICE’s training program indefinitely.

Since the training program is VOICE’s core activity in support of civil society development in Vietnam over the past ten years, this decision also means VOICE will stop working on civil society development issues in Vietnam from now on.

VOICE’s other activity in support of refugees from Vietnam and the remaining pending cases will continue while VOICE’s independent affiliates such as VOICE Australia, VOICE Canada, VOICE Norway, etc. set up by VOICE’s friends and supporters in their respective countries, will also continue to operate in accordance with their own missions.

2021 will mark the 10th year VOICE initiated its civil society program and as such, we shall always be proud of our own achievements and milestones over the past ten years of civil society development in Vietnam.

At this juncture, as VOICE has fulfilled its role in fostering the first generation of truly independent civil society leaders whose horizons have been broadened beyond national borders, we therefore wish to send our sincerest thanks to all VOICE’s friends and supporters who have been loyally supporting our civil society program over the past decade. Thank you so very much for being a part of VOICE and for sharing with us our common vision for a free and democratic Vietnam where both the human rights and dignity of all are respected.

People often say: as one door closes, another one opens. Should you want to continue walking on this journey with us, please let us know how to keep in touch with you. For, to paraphrase a well-known maxim, all roads lead to Vietnam.

Yours truly,

Jessica Soto, President of the Board 

Hoi Trinh, Founder, Board Member