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When you become a particiant of VOICE’s Civil Society training program, you effective become a member of a diverse community where each members are unique individuals. Below are the general codes of conduct that VOICE’s interns have built together:

1. Personal information: The interns’ personal information is private and must be respected completely. The admissions committee is very strict about the security of the interns’personal information. All information is only shared and made public with the consent of the interns.

2. Environmental protection: Interns are encouraged to practice environmental protection throughout the learning process. Interns can start by stopping using plastic straws, buying a personal water bottle instead of using plastic cups, or engage in any acts that you believe will contribute to protecting the Earth.

3. Respect diversity: At VOICE, interns are encouraged to express themselves; everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate respect for diversity. During training, prejudices and barriers between individuals should be removed through listening, respecting and understanding.

4. Punctuality: While participating in training courses, interns will not only study about community development but might also have the opportunity for placement with VOICE’s partner organizations. Ensuring punctuality when studying and working is a critical attritbute that demonstrates professionalism and proactiveness.

5. Attire: There is no particualr dress code for the training programs. You have the right to express your individuality through your attire when attending classes, events, or seminars.

6. Proactive: Finally, VOICE’s training is very much self directed learning. Therefore, be proactive in finding out information related to your needs. Understand what you want and feel free to talk to the Admissions Committee about your concerns.

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