Giang-Vien-mon-Van-Dong-Trinh-Hoi-VIETNAM-VOICE Hoi Trinh
Advocacy Trainer
Lawyer Hoi Trinh obtained his arts and law degrees in 1995 at Melbourne University (Australia) and master degree at Oxford University (U.K.). He is currently the Executive Director of VOICE.
Giang-vien-bao-chi-Nguyen-Khanh-VIETNAM-VOICE Khanh Nguyen
Professional Journalism Trainer
Journalist Khanh Nguyen is the former Director of Radio Free Asia (RFA) and used to work as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of VOICE
Ong-Shiwei-mot-trong-năm-thành-viên-hội-đồng-quản-trị-VOICE-VOICES-Board-of-Directors-VIETNAM-VOICE copy Shiwei Ye
Strategic Thinking Trainer
Shiwei has a Masters of International Affairs, focusing on human rights, from Columbia University and a BA in International Relations, focusing on peace and security, from the University of California Davis.
Giang-vien-Lich-su-phong-trao-dan-chu-Viet-Nam-Nghe-Thuat-Lanh-Dao-Leadership-Giao-su-Doan-Viet-Hoat-VIETNAM-VOICE Viet Hoat Doan
History of Vietnamese democratic movement, Leadership
Viet Hoat Doan is a journalist, educator, and democratic activist. He received a PhD in education and college administration from Florida State University in 1971. He is often referred to as the “Sakharov of Vietnam”.
Giang-vien-mon-lich-su-Giao-su-Ngo-Nhan-Dung-VIETNAM-VOICE Nhan Dung Ngo
Vietnamese Economics and History Trainer
Professor Nhan Dung Ngo used to be a professor of Economics in McGill University in Canada. He is the author of “Dung Vung Ngan Nam” history book. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Nguoi Viet Daily News.
Giang-vien-mon-Van-dong-va-luat-phap-chau-Au-Nguyen-Gia-Duong-VIETNAM-VOICE Gia Duong Nguyen
European Politics and Advocacy Trainer
Gia Duong Nguyen studied Master of Business Law and Tax in HEC University in Paris. He is currently the representative of VOICE in France, and he joins VOICE in their advocacy for human rights in Europe.
Giang-vien-mon-Quan-ly-du-an-Dinh-Thao-VIETNAM-VOICE Thao Dinh 
Project Management Trainer
The activist, Dinh Thao, is currently a member of Hate Change and is formerly with the environmental organization Green Trees. In 2017, she delivered an oral statement on the situation of human rights in Vietnam at the 36th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Giang-vien-nam-VOICE-VIETNAM Quan Nguyen
Trainer on Introductory Politics
He graduated with a Master of Engineering in Vietnam, became an intern at VOICE, and is currently the Training Program Manager of VOICE.
Giang-vien-nam-VOICE-VIETNAM Minh Tran 
Trainer on the Principles of Human Rights
He graduated with a Master of Human Rights, specializing in Human Rights and Gender Equality. He has been involved with many recent social movements in Vietnam.
Giang-vien-nu-VOICE-VIETNAM An Pham
International Relations Trainer (focus on Southeast Asia)
She is a specialist in International Relations and has done much research about Southeast Asian issues such as ASEAN history, the conflict between China and the US, and the East Sea (South China Sea) dispute.