Humans of VOICE: Nguyen Thien Giang


“The things that make me proud are not the things which VOICE Australia and VOICE have achieved.  The things that make me proud, are the things which we, the Vietnamese people have: shared understanding, ideas, coming together from all over the world, and acting for the country.”

This week, we share stories from Nguyen Thien Giang who is a member and one of the founders of VOICE Australia.

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Humans of VOICE: Nguyễn Thiên Giang

Through their collective efforts, they have shaped the vision, implemented the mission and deployed the daily and monthly activities of VOICE.

However, their stories have not been told yet. We now will start a series of stories called Humans of VOICE to help the public understand more about VOICE’s people and work.

These stories will be told every Friday, at 20:00, Vietnam time. Let’s wait and watch.

Would you consider yourself as a Human of VOICE? Please let us know!